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2016年2月21日 (日)


大西洋に浮かぶアゾレス諸島(ポルトガル領)のサンミゲル島ポンタ・デルガダにあるアゾレス大学で、2017年7月25日~28日に、第11回国際ホワイトヘッド学会(International Whitehead Conference)が開催されます。

テーマは Nature in Process: Novel Approaches to Science and Metaphysics です。


We are pleased to announce that the 11th International Whitehead
Conference, under the topic Nature in Process: Novel Approaches to Science
and Metaphysics; will take place between 25th-28th July 2017. The
conference will take place in Ponta Delgada, on the Island of S. Miguel and
be hosted by The University of the Azores. The Azorian natural beauty
spontaneously invites this conference on Natural Science and Process
Metaphysics creating the perfect setting for philosophical musing and
discussion. Process philosophy is inseparable from Philosophy of Nature and
Philosophy of Science. “Nature is a process.” Nature is also duration
and passage. And in the passage of Nature we find the primary metaphysical
facts. (This intrinsic character of nature cannot be explained away,
because it is an insurmountable fact.) The following keynote speakers have
confirmed their attendance: John B. Cobb, Jr., Manuel Carmo Ferreira,
Yutaka Tanaka, Michel Weber.

Call for Papers: You are cordially invited to attend this conference and
submit your abstracts for presentations in any on the following sections
(sections listed alphabetically, section heads are in parentheses):

 Whitehead and Analytical Philosophy (Johanna Seibt)
 Whitehead and Bergson (Maria-Teresa Teixeira)
 Whitehead and Biology (Spyridon Koutroufinis and René Pikarski)
 Whitehead, German Idealism and modern German philosophy (Aljoscha Berve)
 Whitehead, Indian Philosophy and Buddhism (Jonardon Ganeri)
 Whitehead and Integral Ecology (Barbara Muraca and Moirika Reker)
 Whitehead and Integral Economics (Mark Dibben)
 Whitehead and Mathematics (Vesselin Petrov)
 Whitehead and Neoplatonism (Michael Wagner)
 Whitehead and New Cosmology (Lukasz Lamza)
 Whitehead and Nicolai Hartmann (Roberto Poli)
 Whitehead and Phenomenology (Luca Vanzago)
 Whitehead and Philosophy of Mind (John Pickering)
 Whitehead and Physics (Joachim Klose)
 Whitehead and Pragmatism (Dennis Söelch)
 Whitehead, Spinoza and Leibniz (Helmut Maassen)
 Whitehead and Theology (Hans-Ferdinand Angel)

Presentations should be no longer than 30 minutes including discussion;
sections may overlap and participants should specify which section or
sections they would like their paper to be included in. Conference
languages are English and Portuguese. Portuguese-speaking presenters should
provide a full translation of their texts at least 30 days in advance of
giving their papers. We may accept more than one presentation from senior
scholars. Abstracts should be all sent to http://natureinprocess@gmail.com

Registration Dates and Fees (in euro):

Early registration: Jan. 1 2016 - Jan. 31, 2017; fee: 100 (students)/150

Normal registration: Feb. 1 - May 31, 2017; fee: 150 (students)/200
(standard); Late registration: after June 1, 2017; fee: 200 (students)/250


You will find further details about the conference, including hotel
information, section abstracts, and registration info on the conference
website: http://whitehead2017.com

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